HPS Fabrications, Inc. is a uniquely diversified fabricator established in 1995 to address our customers fabrication needs. Our highly trained staff is committed to a “Team Effort”.

We take pride in our objective to maintain rigid standards, efficiency, and high quality products whether fabricating to your drawings and specifications or providing complete engineering and design services to your specifications.

Industrial and Municipal Equipment

Project Details:  Over the years HPS has provided a wide range of fabricated items and services to our clients.  Our clients provide a wide range of products to municipal and industrial power generating plants burning solid fuel.  In this record we will address a variety of the smaller fabricated items and services provided.  If additional information or clarifications on these items is required, please contact HPS. 


Components:  Components include such items as motor bases, guards, air handling devices, duct work, coal handling gates, chutes, control arms and brackets.  These components are typically fabricated of mild steel plate and other rolled shapes.  Each item is fabricated to the client’s drawings, prime painted, checked and verified prior to shipment.  Components are often fabricated from stainless steel materials in consideration of ware, abrasion and corrosion.


  Services:  HPS has provided assembly of coal feeders and rotary seal feeders.  These are standard pieces of equipment sold by our client.  All components of these feeders are shipped to HPS and our technicians will assemble and paint these products.


Stokers:  Our client provides a variety of stoker types;   The “stoker” is that part of an industrial power generation boiler that provides the bed for burning solid fuel.  HPS has a long standing relationship with our client providing complete fabrications and assembly of their rotary grate and rotary stokers.  Fabrication includes heavy structural steel support, front and rear bearing support stands, front mounting plates, seal plates, fixed and vibrating frames, motor base and drive brackets with required guarding, and complete duck work and nozzles for supply of combustion air to the boiler.  Each rotary stoker is constructed in modules and each is test run in our shop prior to shipment.  Refer to detail records for additional information.


Gas burner:  A very complex fabrication that included complete assembly of gas piping, control valves and linkage.  All electrical control valves and devices were pre-wired to junction boxes.  


Mixers:  This mixer, is designed to mix and condition ash, sludge and other dusty and abrasive granular materials with water.  HPS provides complete fabrication of mixing tub housing, motor and gear box mounting stand, guards, covers shafts and mixing paddles.  In addition the mixer is completely assembled and tested prior to shipment.  Refer to detail record for additional information. 

Commercial Salt bath Furnace

HPS has provided complete fabrication and assembly of various Salt Bath Furnace Systems for Customers for 15 years.


A typical system consists of a salt bath furnace, rinse tanks and hoods.  Sizes range from small unitized systems to large module systems with multiple salt bath furnaces and rinse tanks with overall lengths exceeding 100 feet.  Monorail systems complete with structural steel support, hoist and hoist work stabilizer are provided on some systems.  The work stabilizer is a structural support frame hung from the hoist with counter balanced weights to maintain proper orientation of the part being handled.


Salt bath furnaces are typically constructed from ½” to 1 ¼” mild steel and require full penetration welds with documented dye penetrant and leak test reports.  A heavy structural steel support base provides the necessary support for furnace and rinse tanks.  The base is typically constructed from 8” and 10” wide flange beams with lifting lugs.  Fire brick is shop installed between the support base and bottom of the furnace.  The side walls of the furnace are then surrounded with 3/16” plate steel, which also acts as a containment vessel in the event of furnace leak or rupture.  Sizes of the furnace can be as large as 8 foot deep by 12 foot wide by 40 foot long, weighing in excess of 100,000 pounds.


Rinse tanks are typically constructed from 3/16” to ¼” mild steel or stainless steel plate.  Some rinse tanks have a two compartment design with one side being cold water and the other side being hot water.  The hot water side is heated by either gas fired burners or electric heaters.  The hot water side is insulated with fiberglass insulation and outer mild steel skin plate.


The salt bath furnaces and the hot water rinse tanks require gas piping for the burners.  The rinse tanks require water fill, drain, overflow and on occasion air agitation piping.  Some units also require piping for any hydraulically or pneumatically operated doors or covers.

U.S. Navy Brows


Project Detail:  Project included the fabrication of (4) Brows constructed of 6061-T6 structural grade aluminum.  Two (2)Brows are 35 feet in length and the remaining (2) are 40 feet in length and all are 48” wide.  Construction details include open truss sides with handrail added to top of each side truss.  The deck/walking surface included 1”non-skid aluminum plank with a special 1” aluminum cleat bolted to the plank decking.  The cleats are an aluminum extrusion designed and manufactured especially for HPS Fabrications.  These cleats are sold separately to other fabricators for use on various catwalk and climbing applications.  Each Brow was provided with stainless steel tie down rings, lifting lugs and casters designed with 4000-pound capacity.  A special shipping rack will be constructed to ship all four (4) Brows on a single truck.


Additionally, each Brow was load tested to record maximum deflection at fully loaded design conditions.  All testing was conducted at HPS’s facility with test reports issued to the Contracting Officer.


A complete set of fabrications drawings was prepared by our sister company, Enco Engineering for use in the shop during fabrication.  All welders are certified in accordance with AWS D1.2 (Structural Aluminum Welding) and certifications are made available upon request.


The project was completed on time and within budget.


Project Detail:  HPS Fabrications, Inc., provided the design and manufacture of HH60 Aircraft Maintenance Stands to include a left hand and right hand stand for access to each side of the aircraft during PDM.  HPS reviewed the scope of work and met with technical POC prior to the preparation of design drawings.  After completion of the design stage, HPS met again with the technical POC in addition to the procurement POC to review Scope of Work and design drawings.  Drawings were finalized and issued for fabrication.  Modifications to the drawings were made as required and stands were released for manufacture.  


Each side stand was approximately 24 feet in length which included stair access to the upper platform level.  Below the stair on each stand, plywood shelves were provided as required by SOW for parts storage.  The stands included

casters for easy movement, leveling jacks, compressed air piping header and convenience outlets, under platform lighting and convenience receptacles at ground level all prewired to a 100 amp circuit breaker panel.  The stands were constructed of steel tubing, finish painted and provided with aircraft bumpers on all exposed metal surfaces that may come in contact with the aircraft.  The upper platform also included a hinged section to allow for additional clearance at the aircraft engine.

The project was completed in about 12 weeks, delivered mid December 2010.